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Esprit Starbase forum rules and regulations are as follows:

  • Always respect others. Address members of greater rank by their earned rank, by "Sir" or by "Ma'am." Address those junior to you rank by their earned rank or by “Mister,” followed by their name.
  • Always be polite and courteous no matter how you may feel about another. Disrespect of any kind towards another member will not be tolerated.
  • Esprit Starbase consists of many age groups. Content, therefore, must be acceptable for members of any age.  Profanity or cursing is not permitted beyond that which is heard on Star Trek. Even then, it's best to use discretion.
  • Place your earned Esprit Starbase rank (and only that rank) in front of your name in your profile.
  • While the use of avatars and screen names is encouraged, misrepresenting yourself in any way in order to deceive staff or other members will not be tolerated.
  • Using Esprit Starbase as a medium to recruit for other communities, either publicly or privately, is prohibited.
  • Advertising your business or other commercially related product(s) is prohibited.
  • Hotlinking to our images or using images without permission is prohibited.

Notes to Members:

A security officer's decision to delete or lock posted material is subject to his or her interpretation of that material being in violation of the rules and regulations. Members who receive reminders or warnings from security personnel regarding material deemed inappropriate are requested to act maturely to resolve any dispute and to bear in mind that security officers are working to provide a pleasant, secure environment for everyone.

The goal of the moderators and administrators is to provide a stable environment for all members. Those who continue to violate the rules after having been warned are subject to having their membership suspended or banned entirely.  While action this severe is not preferred, if a member's actions negatively affect this community and/or if the well-being of individuals or groups within this community are impacted due to any form of harassing or threatening behavior, either publicly or privately, such action will be taken