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The Department of Command consists of senior staff members who manage the daily activities aboard Esprit Starbase. The department is comprised of the starbase commander, starbase vice commander, and any administrative support personnel. Responsibilities of the community are divided between all command positions which oversee management of Esprit Starbase.


Jade Tanner created Esprit Starbase in January 2013 as a place for fellow friends and fans to congregate, discuss, share ideas and creations. She has a great deal of experience having led several similar endeavors in the past. An avid science fiction fan (an obsession her family blames her father for), she likes sharing her passions for reading, writing, and designing with her fellow base members.

Drego Tensa is one of the founding members of Esprit Starbase and filled the position of Vice Commander in January of 2013. He is currently the editor of Crockett's Spirit, ESB's official newsletter and an avid writer of science fiction. He believes that Esprit Starbase is just the sort of place where good friends can congregate, share in some fun, share mutual likes and ideas, and learn from each other.

Logan Kale joined Esprit Starbase in February of 2013 and was immediately appointed Deputy Chief of Security. He was appointed Executive Officer in August of 2015. Also a Senior Staff Writer for Crockett's Spirit, his Nuggets are quite popular. He loves sci-fi, as he grew up with it since primary school after being introduced to Star Trek: The Next Generation and the original Star Trek series movies.