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The Recreations Department is primarily responsible for entertainment within Esprit Starbase. Various teams comprise its Entertainment Section and are responsible for leading official games and activities aboard the base. Recruitment of new members and social networking fall under the purview of the Officer Resources Section. The Publications Section publishes the signature newsletter of ESB, Crockett's Spirit.


Y'Wanna joined Esprit Starbase in February of 2013 and has served here ever since. Early on, she wrote for Crockett's Spirit. After a few months she was offered the position of Chief of Recreations. She is very fond of sci-fi, having met Star Trek: The Next Generation at eleven years of age. She has been a huge fan ever since. She also brought Murray the tribble with her and helped build Murray's Tavern.

Shayle Carter joined Esprit Starbase in March of 2013, and she has served faithfully since the day she arrived. Starting as a section leader, she put time into trivia, roleplay (simms), and writing. Eventually, this led her to the position of Deputy Chief of ESB Recreations where she furthers her jack of all trades work. She loves and lives the fine arts, and enjoys meeting people with special needs.


Section Leader, Simm Leader & Trivia Host:
CAPT Shayle Carter

Assistant Simm Leader:
JC Raphael Warwick

Acting Section Leader:
Brig. Gen. Drego Tensa

Crockett's Spirit Editor:
Brig. Gen. Drego Tensa

Editorial Writer & Critic:
Dennis Howard

Senior Staff Writers:
CDRE Logan Kale
CAPT Tre'Gok of Mirtak
CAPT Two Wolves
Capt Wynan

Staff Writers:
Col Shreya Rose
CAPT Shayle Carter
LT Ashinaga
LTJG Star Eagle